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Running Microsoft Windows on a Mac


Some engineering courses require the use of software that require having the Microsoft Windows operating system. For Mac users, this requires them to load Microsoft Windows on their Mac using either a virtual or dual-boot method. Your professor should let you know at the beginning of the course if you are required to use a software that requires Microsoft Windows.

Both methods of installing Microsoft Windows require a legally licensed copy of the Microsoft Windows operating system.  For instructions to obtain a free legally licensed copy of Microsoft Windows go to:


A virtual Windows OS can be integrated into the Mac OS by purchasing an additional software named Parallels. 

Using Parallels, your MacOS will share all of the computer resources with the Microsoft Windows OS. Both operating systems run simultaneously.

Pay close attention to the computer requirements for Parallels. Keep in mind that some engineering software is resource intensive so the "Best Performance" recommendation will provide the more appropriate experience.  

For more information, go to:


A dual-boot method between the MacOS and the Windows OS can be setup using the built-in Boot Camp support in the MacOS.

This method loads only the chosen OS at bootup. It is either MacOS or the Windows OS. When the chosen OS boots, it has access to all of the computer resources. It does not share the resources using this method. Also, it is free.

For more information, go to:

Click the "Get started with Boot Camp" link for instructions.


If you need additional assistance, submit a help desk ticket at



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