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We have a system for requesting IT or Technical Support. It is the School of Engineering (SoE) Help Desk:

All requests must first go through this Help Desk system before we can address them. Then they are taken in the order received unless given a higher priority after consultation with you, your supervisor or professor, and an evaluation of our other service requests or "Tickets" that are still pending.  Please provide as much information as possible about the problem such as :

* Who is requesting service (name, email address, phone, etc.);
* What the problem is(including what you were doing when to problem occurred);
* What type of computer or equipment;
* UM Property Number;
* Vendor or manufacturer, model number, and other equipment or software and versions involved including operating system of computer involved;
* Web Site for research of problem or other source of background information (including error messages, codes, etc.);
* Building and room number and who can give us access to equipment including computer administrator account and password;
* Any task deadlines needing this equipment or system that are imposed upon you by coursework, your sponsoring faculty, outside agencies, etc. that might help us evaluate your priority in relation to other work requests.

If the problem is with your only computer and you can not access the Internet, you can use the Carrier Hall Engineering CAD Lab computers in room 105, Weir Hall Computers, or any computer you can access that is connected to the Internet on or off campus.  Or have your professor or department secretary enter a SoE Help Desk Ticket for you. But if all else fails you can call us if the need is urgent or an emergency and enter the Help Desk work request Ticket later.

The email address used when entering a ticket will receive feedback emails on the progress of the work request.

When we can work on your problem we will contact you and arrange an appointment or ask you to bring the equipment to us after reviewing your Help Desk work request "Ticket" which should contain the above information.

Sorry for this added burden but we must now document our work and the end user of our services must do his or her part. In addition we must now provide services over 5 buildings across campus and must organize our work plans.

Jeff Hubbard

School of Engineering

104 Carrier Hall


School of Engineering Helpdesk Ticket (work request) System

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